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tv   Today  NBC  August 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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egyptian security forces reportedly storm a monk in cairo this morning as they battle supporters of the nation's ousted president. dozens more killed, other reports jumping off the bridge to save themselves. live on the scene. ragin fire, flooding rains. a massive while fire in idaho forces hundreds to run for thaish their lives. in the gulf, racing for more flash floods. who wants to be a millionaire? time running out for unclaimed jackpot. start digging in the couch cushions. maybe you're sitting on lottery ticket today, august 17, 2013.
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winning ticket, saturday, august 17th, 2013. >> live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." i'm erica hill there i'm thomas roberts filling in for lester holt. >> jenna and dylan filling in. we're closer. we're in sort of temporary digs in the studio. >> it's like we've set up a studio in our home. >> yes. >> -- >> i'm hanging on -- i feel like i'm rolling away. >> on the ends, right? excuse me. i'll talk to you later. >> don't move the desk. regardless for me this is the big dance, to be here with you. >> happy to have you. >> i hope you don't mind that i got you all something. >> oh no. >> oh no. >> we don't have enough.
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i got you -- >> fantastic. >> one for jenna, you're pure joy. >> pure. >> yellow. for dylan because you are brilliant and bright. purple for you, it matches my tie. >> we're dating this morning. wrist corsages. i wanted to impress all of you. >> a belly corsage. >> so i'll be invited back. >> i wish i had gotten you something except all we have is this screw thomas found on the floor. i don't think we should be worried about the temporary studio when we find screws. >> lovely. >> prom pictures later. the gym was closed downstairs so we got moved to the cafeteria upstairs. >> very sweet. >> nice to have you with us. we are in a different space because we're renovating studio 1a. we're upstairs this morning, spend morgue time outside with
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friends on the plaza. that's why we're in a different space this morning. >> we want to begin with breaking news. egyptian security forces reportedly storming a cairo mosque this morning. target, deporters of the deposed president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a tense situation developing here this morning in cairo. outside a mosque, hundreds of supports of the ousted president morsi, who had been involved in the clashes yesterday, many wounded, barricaded in the mosque overnight and into the early hours. outside, police, military, civilians surrounded the mosque trying to bring supporters of the ousted president outside. but they've refused and that has led to a tense stand-off. one point, police could be seen firing at mosque structure and they say they were doing so in response to gunshots fired from the mosque.
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also at one point fired tear gas into the mosque to try to force those who have been barricaded inside out. those inside have refused to come out. they've been afraid, fearing for their lives. it is a tense situation. on friday the muslim brotherhood called for nationwide protests denouncing egypt's military-backed government. but it turned violent quickly, with gunfire ringing out from both sides protesters stuck in the middle. the wounded rushed to nearby mosques that became makeshift field hospital. volunteers like this man worked to save them. many didn't make it. >> i think he's dead. >> reporter: the egyptian government says it's fighting armed terrorists. state media broadcasts images of protesters attacking security forces and torching buildingings. the muslim brotherhood they say wants to destroy the state. egypt's security forces ordered
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to use live ammunition. as this amateur footage shows, even again protesters with hands raises. despite the staggering death toll, the muslim brotherhood is undeterred, they say it's the price egypt has to pay to prevent a return to a dictatorship. a short while ago, a spokesperson for the egyptian cabinet held a press conference and defended the government's actions over the last 24 hours. in fact, he described it as egy egypt's war on terrorism and said the government would not back down against anyone trying to destroy the state. the cabinet said it was considering legal ways to dissolve the muslim brotherhood which would mean a tighter crackdown on the group's leadership and its members. the muslim brotherhood says they're undeterred, they will continue marches across the country. >> we know you will continue to follow this for us. hundreds in idaho forced to
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evacuate because of a huge wildfire and the situation could go from bad to worse with high in the the forecast for today. forecast today. in the heart of idaho's ski country, the beaver creek fire scorched more than 64,000 acres as firefighters try to gain the upper hand. the fire triggered evacuations for 1600 homes. along with the fire, huge plumes of thick smoke. >> it is scary. the air quality is reason to get out of town. >> they have lined the highways. they aren't looking to take chances. hundreds of firefighters trying to contain the blaze. itis one of dozens of large wildfires burning across the west fueled by high temperatures and strong winds. we could leave for a couple days and see if it blows over and come back for another ten days or we might head back to seattle where the air is clear. >> this is an area that's a second home to big celebrities
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like arnold schwarzenegger, tom hanks and bruce willis are out there. it is major. >> it is. when you hear numbers like that, more firefighters going out there makes you think about it. in the gulf region, the opposite problem, too much rain. a tropical system looming, threatening to bring more. dylan has more. >> hi. we are keeping an eye on the disturbance in the gulf of mexico. there's a 40% chance it could develop into a tropical system. either way, the moisture is there, streaming in off the gulf of mexico. it's running across the southeast. that is making for plenty of flash flood watches and warnings across the southeast an more rain is likely. yesterday, alone, areas in georgia and florida picked up six inches of rainfall and an additional three to six inches of rain is possible in the same area. we could end up with six to eight inches in parts of louisiana as we go into the next
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48 hours. certainly an area we will be watching. erica and thomas? >> thanks, we'll have more of the forecast in a bit. we are learning more about the events of the day leading up to the day hannah anderson disappeared and how she was discovered. she is with family a week after being rescued from the wilderness. we have two reports. we begin with joe in california. >> reporter: as hannah anderson reconnects with friends and family, we are learning more about the investigation of her disappearance and murder of her mother and brother. ammunition and letters from hannah were found in james dimaggio's home. it's not clear what was said in the letters. court documents show they made 13 phone calls to each other before both of their phones were turned off the day investigators say hannah was kidnapped. the sheriff is revealing details
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about what happened when fbi agents confronted the suspect in idaho. >> he had a rifle. fired one round. lowered the rifle to shoulder height, fired one more round and was immediately shot by members of the hostage rescue team. >> reporter: the story brings back memories for danielle. she says dimaggio's father, james dimaggio sr. threatened to kill her. she was 16, the same age as hannah. >> good support. she seems like a strong girl. i think she'll make it through. it's going to be a tough road for her. >> reporter: hannah's family is thrilled to have her back in their sights. for "today," joe friar, nbc news, san diego. >> hannah anderson and james dimaggio were discovered by horseback riders who saw they looked out of place. they called authorities.
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kevin tibbles traveled to the same back country with them. good morning. >> reporter: if it weren't for that group of riders, hannah anderson would not have been found. just don't call them heroes. it is easy to see why one rarely encounters other people in the mountains and high pines of the idaho back country. it's as treasure rouse as it is majestic. all the reason four seasoned riders on an outing thought something was out of place when they came across a man and young girl some 20 miles from a paved road. >> we thought it was strange, especially the way they were dressed. >> reporter: the man, james dimaggio had a cat with him. he cradled the cat and stroking it. kind of odd. >> reporter: after the group returned home and saw the amber alert for hannah anderson, they became alarmed and called
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police. they all agreed the girl they saw was frightened. >> the look on her face was pure fear. i didn't like what i seen on his face. >> the horseback riders that saw dimaggio and hannah, that was tip number 200. it turned out to be the one. >> reporter: for two days, the riders took nbc news along as they retraced their tracks, a trip that included some nine riders and numerous pack horses. we ended up where they say hannah dipping her feet into lake moorhead. >> they thought they were alone. >> this area is so remote. it's called the river of no return wilderness area. the four riders say they rarely see anybody up here. >> nothing but rock and ridge
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for mile after mile has left them in awe that is young hostage in tennis shoes and sweats made it this far. >> they call us heroes, but she's the hero. >> if this chance encounter hadn't taken place, they shutter to think what might have happened. >> i don't know if we saved her life. i know we set the stage for somebody else to save her life. >> reporter: they know that territory like the back of their hands and doubt anyone could have lasted out there very long without the proper gear. erica, on another note, the cat we spoke about, the cat was rescued at the same time as hannah. >> thank you. a fascinating look at that. you know i have been wondering about the cat. i appreciate that update as well. >> he was reading your mind on that. let's get a check on the top stories including a high profile arrest that took place in boston. jenna wolfe. hi, jenna. >> good morning, everyone.
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boston red sox broadcaster's son is charged with killing his girlfriend. he pleaded not guilty on friday. prosecutors say police found the body thursday night on the patio outside her home with multiple stab wounds. a day earlier, he was in court for pushing her into a mirror, but released without bail. details about the ups cargo plane that crashed in alabama on wednesday. data revealed the pilots received warnings about the rate of decent 16 seconds before impact. investigators are looking into whether the plane was coming down too fast. a 12-year-old girl is recovering in the hospital this morning after she was attacked by a bear. amazingly, she is expected to be okay. the girl was out jogging thursday when the bear went after her. she has some bad cuts on her legs as well as bruises. doctors say she is going to be
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okay. new jersey governor, chris christie a possible contender in the presidential race will sign a bill for it to be easier for kids to get access to marijuana. parents must have letters of support from a pediatrician, psychiatrist and a doctor registered in the program. finally, how about this? playing basketball in college, it's hard. a walk on, it's really hard. walk on in a division one team, really, really hard. walk on with only one hand, come on. it's not stopped him from playing and excelling in the sport he laws. he's known for the three-point shot. now, he may be taking his skills to the university of florida. the gators offered him a walk-on spot meaning he could earn a full scholarship in the not so distant future.
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>> really, really nice. i like that. >> natural. >> clearly. i know who i'll be watching this season. dylan is back with a look at the national forecast. >> good morning, once again. good morning, everyone. we have heavy rain already falling across the panhandle of florida. look at the torrential downpours from louisiana to the panhandle of western florida. it's the moisture coming off the gulf of mexico. other than that, the rest of the country is nice. low humidity, upper well, the humidity has found its way to the bay area this morning. we have 50s and 60s tonight and patchy fog in downtown san francisco and a sea breeze to keep the temperatures from getting too hot today, but there on the satellite radar why it is so humid, moisture coming up from the south. highs today inland, 50s and 60s for san francisco, but tomorrow, it turns hotter inland and upper 90s in the valley, an increasing chance of isolated showers as
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moisture comes in early next week. that's your latest forecast. >> thanks. >> up next, oprah's big comeback. could her movie role win her an oscar? first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] with box tops for education and safeway's ten percent back to school program, now there are two ways to earn cash for your kid's school. from august 14 through september 10, look for products marked with the 10% apple tag. and earn even more by signing up for ebox tops
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we're back. get this, if you are hearing a buzz in the air right now, you don't have to get your ears checked unless you are over 40. >> that's a separate issue we will have to address. it may be the oscar buzz surrounding oprah's latest film role. the latest success for a woman bouncing back from tough times in a big way. >> reporter: from dominating daytime talk to the launch of a magazine, building a school in
6:19 am
south africa, starting her very own network. >> welcome to own. >> and generating headlines with her sit-down. oprah winfrey is the queen of all media. but queen of the box office? that hasn't always been the case. so she earned an oscar nomination for "the color purple." the follow up was not a hit. >> beloved was not a successful box office hit. i went into a depression afterwards. itis like playing an instrument you haven't picked up in years. i wasn't sure i could do it. >> reporter: fast forward to today, it's lady o's come back. >> round two of oprah winfrey. >> the white house called him, he didn't call the white house. >> her role is not an easy role. she has to bring across lots of
6:20 am
different emotions. >> reporter: like her character in "the butler" she's seen her share of struggles. her network is turning a profit. it's likely you will hear your name come oscar time. >> the response was wildly enthusiastic. they gave her a loud, standing ovation. >> this is oprah's for the taking. you can see it on the big screen. >> a little too early to talk about who could win. at this early date, i feel confident saying oprah winfrey will be an oscar nominee, again. >> reporter: a big screen comeback 15 years in the making. >> everything you have because of that butler. >> reporter: after all, this is oprah. for "today," nbc news, new york. still ahead, could you be a million dollar lottery winner?
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good morning to you. looking live to a beautiful start of the day over freemont and looks kind of the same around the bay area. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with our meteorologist and the forecast is looking interesting. >> well, we have fog and temperatures in the 50s and the 60s and the sea breeze prevents the temperatures from getting too warm. different story tomorrow. and you can see hour by hour, the fog on the coast and the high and the mid level clouds coming out of the south today so the temperatures in the low 80s in san jose and 90s in the tri valley and looking at the inland highs tomorrow, up per 90s in the forecast there tomorrow,
6:28 am
sunday. thank you, rob. we start with breaking news this morning the amber alert for two young children out of nevada is cancelled this morning. the siblings were found safe in sacramento. the alert was issued for 9-year-old lilliana ramirez, and her younger brother, and the report says that the parents d kidnapped them from el coe, nevada, on wednesday. the parents do not have custody of the children. the children were found unharmed overnight, but so far no word on the parents' whereabouts this morning. new this morning, one person is dead and two others in critical condition after gun fire erupted in oakland overnight. the police say that dozens of shots rang out near the corner of naders avenue and 105th avenue at 11:00 last night. one person was pronounced dead at the scene, and two others were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the police say that two other
6:29 am
people showed up to the hospital with gunshot wounds as well, but as of this morning, it is unclear if they are connected with the shooting. so far, no word on the suspects or the motive and the location was 105th avenue and nachris y bay. coming up in a couple of hours a landmark in east bay will crumbible to the ground in seconds. how scientists are using this rare opportunity to study what they call one of the most dangerous fault lines in the country. that and all of the days news coming up at 7:00. more local news in 30 minutes.
6:30 am
. and good morning. we are back on this saturday morning, the 17th day of august, 2013. good news, everybody on the plaza. you don't have to stop cheering. cheer even more. nice to have you with us this morning. especially on this beautiful day in new york city. and you know who who else is joining us? i think he may be just arriving now on his bike. >> look at this man. >> lester holt. >> lester. >> is this what you do when off weekend morning off? >> just another day off. >> just another day off. i wanted to let you know why i am off. i've been filling in for brian
6:31 am
while he's recovering from his knee surgery. that's why i'm not here. but i'll be back tomorrow. >> to promote yourself? >> to promote myself. >> so it's good that you're taking some time off. then you can think about maybe what you'd like to bring to the set when you're back. >> oh, when i come back? >> like accessories. no, i just want to say i've got you guys on dvr. how is the show so far? >> the show so far is good. better now that you're here. and i know there's probably more than one person in this crowd who is hoping to see lester this morning. >> no, no, no, don't do that because i'm not working. i'm off right now. >> not hoping to see lester, but hoping to see lester in a rare bicycle shorts. it is a first that you broke those out on national television. thank you so much for that. >> it's the summer of calves,
6:32 am
you know. it's the summer of calves. >> okay. i didn't come here to be -- >> objectified? >> that's the word i'm looking for. thanks for doing this. >> no, absolutely. >> but i will be back tomorrow, absolutely. i'll be back. >> we're looking forward to it. and enjoy the day. it's a beautiful day. >> yeah, it's rare that i get a saturday off. >> we're miss you, but we're happy you get to enjoy the morning. >> i'm sorry, i love the look. i love that you sported this athletic look. because i obviously can't and -- >> web, training. >> yeah, i'm sure. very small part of it. >> well, you look great. >> thank you, thank you. all right. >> and we give you our coffee order now? oh, sure, sure. >> so we'll get to that in just a minute. >> bye, guys. thank you. meantime, we have a lot more coming up in this half hour, including the chance at a million bucks. who knows, you may actually have a winning ticket in your
6:33 am
possession. >> well, the thing about that is the time is running out for us. there's only roughly about eight days left for the person that has that winning ticket to come forward and make it known. so we're going to get you up to speed on where we know that ticket was purchased. >> a few details for you. >> then, i mean, really, who has not at least tried to go on a diet at some point in their life in some capacity? there are some crazy, crazy diets out there. but what one woman in iowa tried to do i think tops them all. we're going to talk to dr. nancy snyderman about extreme diets and we're going to brush upon this one diet. >> and we're start to go take a look back at the week in entertainment, everything everything from kim kardashian and her war on social media to a big win to the "ducks dynasty" crew. >> and we're going to take you to a very special restaurant where that day, as we found so many spots, a number of ordinary spectators turned into heroes on that day to help the wounded.
6:34 am
they are the definition of -- the last business to oil on boylston street. >> lester has the right idea. bike riding at 8:00 on a saturday morning when it's absolutely gorgeous outside. but some area where it's chilly, down to the plains and into the southeast where temperatures will be about 15 to 20 degrees below average. normal high in atlanta, 88 degrees and it's only going to hit about 71 degrees today. mostly because of the clouds and the showers and that moisture streaming in off the gulf of mexico. so another six to eight inches of rain is possible in parts of the southeast. especially in areas like southeastern louisiana. through the d here's a u voo of the golden gate bridge where the tops are blocked by some clouds. we will see some fog out of the
6:35 am
west, and inland, you will see the clouds drifting up out of the south which will make for some interesting changes in the weather ahead. temperature wise today is like friday, 80s and low 90s inland, but tomorrow, soaring into the 90s, and chances of early showers next week. >> and for today's top spot, we are heading out to florida today. the orlando florida area and the celebration of running. thousands of runners are gathering this morning for track shack's annual 5k celebration. the incident will mark the official start of running season. i didn't know there was a running season. and our friends at our orlando affiliate wesh will be there all day. so if you're in the area and you're a runner, it's a great day to check that out down in florida. a little wet, but it should be a very fun event. don't want to miss the chance to say hi to grandma em in wisconsin. >> thanks so much. now we want to move on to a real mystery. who has a $1 million winning lottery ticket?
6:36 am
it's set to expire really soon. so duncan set out to find out what exactly was purchased and the timeline. >> good morning, everyone. if you bought a powerball ticket in rhyne, new york, a year ago, you better start check your pockets and your glove compartment because you could be a millionaire, but you're almost out of time. ♪ ii had a million dollars who is it? the winning numbers are 1-6-7-20-49. the powerball for the grand jackpot was 23, but no one got that. only the first five numbers are needed to get $1 million. the drawing was august 5th, 2012. accord to the rules, you have exactly one year to claim the prize. that means there are just eight days left to find that ticket. >> probably just got lost in the wash or dropped somewhere and it's -- you know, i've done it
6:37 am
myself. >> maybe they just don't need the money. after all, it isn't even close to the $338 million won by new jersey's petro kazata in march, or the share of $156 million won by illinois's mel butler last year or one of the three winning tickets in the latest $448 million jackpot cashed in by the so-called ocean 16 group. still, someone has left $1 million out there. who knows, it could be you. in new york state last year alone, $65 million in unclaimed money. if this person doesn't come forward, it goes back in the pot so we can have a chance of winning it. >> i like the idea of winning it, but i hate to think that someone out there is a winner and doesn't know it. you're here until monday? >> here until monday. >> great to see you. thanks. we send it inside and back up to
6:38 am
erica. in today's health, extreme dieting. the iowa department of health issued a warning this week after a woman there tried to lose weight by swallowing a tape worm. it is just the latest example of the dangers of using shortcut toes lose weight. nancy snyderman, good morning. this story had all of us scratching our heads that, a, you can even order a tape worm and, b, that someone would take it. we should point out, not only is this illegal to import or sell tape worms in the u.s. and dangerous, it's not a very effective weight loss tool, correct? it's not effective. and the reason the fda has said this is illegal is because this is what happened. you swallow a tape worm and there are hooks on its head and those hooks go into your intestin intestines. tape worms can grow to be 30 feet and break off in pieces and make more. they can get into your brain, get into your eyes and they can kill you. and while they're in your
6:39 am
intestines robbing you of nutrients and food that you need, you don't get skinny. you get sort of a swollen belly and you don't look well. so you may lose a few pounds, but the minute you take the medicine to kill the tape worms, guess what? you go right back to who you are. so this is one of the dumbest thing i've ever heard. >> i like the way you sum it up there, dr. nancy. may be one of the dumbest things, but not the only one out there. a lot of these extreme dieting crazies are on the rise. is it just me or are they on the rise? >> americans do extreme so well. we embrace vomiting and purging off the meals or glutny, but we don't embrace moderation. and i think the sooner you get to look at diet at a four-letter word and you think, how much food do i need as fuel? when can i push myself away from the table and what does that moderation look like? then you're type. increasingly, there's little things that we do every day that trigger the extra weight loss.
6:40 am
a glass of wine today is not wa a glass of wine looked like in 1960. that can easily be an extra 250 calories and then invite you to do more. so you can do the starvation diet, the protein only diet, but at some point in your life, you have to go back to normal. unless you learn what that normal is for you, you're not going to be a success approximately. >> we go back to moderation as we wait for the weight to come off. >> and it doesn't many brace obesity as a disease. >> we'll have to do that segment another day. >> this really is just a kookoo dieting for people who aren't really fat. up next, it is a story of inspiration. a major milestone for the city of boston. that's just ahead. first, these messages.
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definitely switching to dove. [ female announcer ] dove. this is care. ♪
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one thing came crystal clear after the boston marathon bombings, that is a city you do not mess with. you know this because you went to college there. >> boston holds a special place in my heart. people of boston are like nowhere else. they made sure this terror attack was not going to bring them down. it's been four months now since the bombings. it wasn't until last week that the last of the 400 or so victims affected by the bombings reopened. that moment is what many are calling the final piece in a large, very important deal. this is what the celebration should have looked like after 26.2 gruelling miles. hugs, smiles, a well earned drink. but the end of a 2013 boston marathon was anything but. as celebration turned to horror. two bomb blasts, the second
6:45 am
exploding right in front of the forum restaurant. how much do you think about that day? >> i'd be lying if i didn't think every day. >> at that day, that moment, there was no time to think. the staff immediately began helping victims. four mornts later, there's little reminder of what happened here. the forum is the last of some 400 affected businesses to reopen. >> people keep asking, when are you going to reopen? >> was there a moment you felt you were not going to get it done? >> there were a few. there were a few. >> after a total remodel, they reopened thursday night. >> we wanted this day to be much different than the last time they were open. it's a pride we all have. we are able to overcome the most difficult circumstances. >> on hand to help, the band direct from new orleans leading a miniparade from the marathon
6:46 am
finish line. former petatriots linebacker ca to cheer on the runners. he became a hero, carrying an injured woman, heather abbott, to safety. >> we had reservations, wondering what it would be like. she's smiling. walking great. >> she lost her lower leg and foot in the bombing. thursday night, she returned to the scene. >> the day of the marathon and people that saved me are here. >> a relief shared by many. along with the desire to get back to business as usual. >> four months ago, we began our own marathon. now today is the finish line. >> i asked them all, too, where are you going to be in 2014 for the marathon, will you come back?
6:47 am
they said absolutely, we are going to be here. some want to run it. they are not runners but they want to train for it. >> boston strong. it's the best way to take the power back. >> good stuff. next, crossing the line. mara suing over a hit song, okay, a, or b? b. or a. that's a good choice. let me show you some faucets to go along with that. with the latest styles and guaranteed low prices, you can turn the bath you have into the bath you want. good choice. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, this cordova vanity combo is a special buy. just $199. orange juice...tomato sauce... can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel.
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ask your doctor about lyrica today. from kim kardashian to another controversy, a lot of coverage as we check out the weekend entertainment. >> we have the scoop. alicia, good morning. >> good morning. >> we start with robin thicke and marvin gaye's family. >> it is a legal problem. they have filed a preemptive lawsuit protecting the rights of "blurred lines." marvin gaye's family says it's a lot like "give it up." they said we have the utmost respect for marvin gaye, but they are protecting their son. >> we are listening to marvin
6:51 am
gaye. >> we heard "blurred lines" before it. inspiration. >> what do you think? what do you think? >> huh? now the "blurred lines" one. >> yes, i can see the similarities. it's interesting it's not marvin gaye's family striking out first. >> they are the two nicest guys. they are cool guys. a lot saying they sound the same. the gaye family is saying what's going on. they own the rights to the music. it's preemptive. >> so many beats out there to begin with. >> it's true. as long as they get you moving is the important thing. kim kardashian has been very quiet since her baby was born, north, i think it's north, she never confirmed. she's on twitter and upset with
6:52 am
katie couric. >> kim is really, really nice. suddenly, on instagram, there's a picture of a gift from katie, but the hashtags are may i humbly suggest you not send gifts then blank. katie is saying, you know, i know kim, i have met her before, she's a sweet person. kim is upset because she gave an interview answering questions saying she doesn't understand why they are famous. wait you sent me a gift. >> katie is lovely as well. >> she's answering questions. >> really quickly. >> the biggest ring for a nonfishing and cable show, 12 million people watch the show. >> they were here earlier this week. people love them. good for them. nice to see you. >> thank you, guys. we'll be back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:53 am
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i'm kris sanchez and coming up next on "today in the bay" another deadly night in oakland. police investigating a shooting that left one person dead and several others injured. a normally quiet and safe neighborhood is on edge this morning following a bold attack on a man and his young daughter in palo alto. and gone in just ten seconds. this landmark building in east bay is set to crumble to the ground this morning. we will show you what you can expect and how the scientists are using this rare opportunity to study what they call one of the most dangerous fault lines in the country. today in the bay starts in two minutes. ♪
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